Thursday, October 2, 2008

Personality dis-order

This is the unit that I am finishing up with my 4th and 5th graders. They had to take several surveys to figure out their learning style and personality style and then devise a way to present themselves to the group. It involved them learning something about themselves and tons of big vocabulary words (go me).

I did the surveys along with them and confirmed that I have a verbal/linguistic and visual/spatial learning style, meaning I learn best from reading and seeing information. My personality style turned out to be a combination of Adventurer and Peacemaker. This is not new information. I have bungee jumped twice and am a procrastinating, impulsive, go with the flow type, not a plan ahead person. I am not one of those teachers who writes down every little thing I will say or do in the plan book. I also don't enjoy arguing and would rather say what I think you want to hear sometimes than offend you. I guess this is the peacemaker in me.

Which brings me to my question: why do some people insist on telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth, when they know that it will pi** people off? I can't stand it when someone thinks they are better than me because they always tell it exactly like it is. I do not consider myself a "fake" person, you know where you stand with me, I just don't like confrontation. Wouldn't the world be a more peaceful place if we all followed the If You Can't Say Something Nice... rule? Wouldn't we all get along better if we were all peacemakers?

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Reynie said...

no kidding. seriously, if i am having a bad hair day, i don't want to know about it. just find something nice about me you can say something nice about and leave the truth of my bad hair to yourself. know what i mean?