Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy= sustaining much activity

At least that's what calls it. This weekend is the first of the two weddings that correspond with the two bachelor weekends B went on last month. This wedding is for K, who was one of B's best friends in college. They were big brother/little brother in their fraternity and roommates for 2 years. My first impression of him was not a good one- he was screaming at a ball game on tv and I hate that! We ended up being really good friends and I remember many nights of me, B, and K going out to dinner and parties together. He dated one of my college roommates for about a year, so there were lots of double dates too.

The wedding will be here. Last week I read in Southern Living that this is the greenest hotel in America right now. It's only about 30 minutes from our house, but we decided to go ahead and stay at the hotel both nights since most everyone else attending is from out of town and we don't want to miss the fun stuff! K's fiance is a buyer for a major department store so it should all be very chic! Tonight the rehearsal dinner will be here so I'll have to do some elliptical-ing next week to work it all off!

I'll still have to come home tomorrow morning for the football game. We also rescheduled the huge family photo shoot for Sunday afternoon after cheer pictures. Busy, busy!! What are your plans for the weekend?

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Our Moments said...

You'll have to tell us what the hotel is like! Every time I drive by, I want to go in!! It looks so cool!!