Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here's the tag of the 5 songs you're embarassed to say you like...

1. What Time is It? from High School Musical 2... Oh, all right, I really like almost ALL of the songs on this cd, and since my girls have to listen to it EVERY time we're in the car, I know all the words. Sad, I know. But it is just so much fun to sing along, and I love how it says, What time is it? Summertime! It's our vacation!!

2. Bust a Move by YoungMC... SOOO old school!! It takes me right back to the huge seventh/eighth grade parties where we thought we were so cool doing the Roger Rabbitt and the MCHammer! Fun times...

3. Let's Go to the Movies from Annie... That was my favorite movie as a child (Alice, shut your mouth about the glasses!!), and the girls just watched it the other day and loved it. I will sometimes just break out in this song and change the words, Let's go to the Bathtub, Target, whereever...

4. The Polar Express theme... Another cd that we listened to over and over at Christmas time. It is just really a cute song and fun to sing to. Really, any Christmas song is tops on my list.

5. Rockstar by Nickleback... Yeah, right, I want a bathroom you could play baseball in and big black jet with a bedroom in it? Maybe in my next life, but it's fun to dream, right?

OK, now I tag The Rups, Moments that take our breath, and anyone else who wants to play along...
Have fun!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dance delimma

With little girls in the house, there is dance on the agenda. For the past 2 years, BigGirl has been taking dance at a really great studio~ totally professional, awesome talent in the teacher (who I took dance with growing up), staff, and the older girls, and lots of potential if BigGirl wants to get serious about it one day. She was so excited to find out that she can graduate from beginner ballet/tap to intermediate ballet/tap/jazz this year! Well, the other day we get a letter in the mail saying that they have to close their studio in our (small) town due to budget issues! They will offer a tuition discount to any of us who want to drive 30 minutes to their other studio, but I'm really not sure it is worth it. BabyGirl also can start this year, since she's 3 now, but her class will be on a different day of the week. I really don't want to quit dance altogether b/c I think she is really pretty good at it (even better when she pays attention, but that's another long story...), and it was something that I totally loved and was a huge part of my life growing up- I danced from kindergarten through college. So here are the options:

* Drive 30 minutes for high quality dance at a discounted price- BigGirl's class would be Thursday evening after she's already had an hour of cheerleading practice and BabyGirl would be another day- 2 days of driving and an exhausted Thursday night/Friday morning.

* Stay in town and get so-so quality dance at a little cheaper price- both girls could take and it wouldn't matter if they were on different days- I've heard the classes are on Wednesdays (I have teacher meetings) or Thursdays (again cheerleading day- remember I'm the coach- we have to be there).

* Drop dance altogether and do gymnastics- also 30 minutes away and much more expensive tuition, but no recital costumes to buy. This would only be for BigGirl- she has been going in the summers for the past 2 years and loved it- would BabyGirl just sit out another year?

* Do a combo class at the gymnastics gym- Dancenastics- 30 min.of jazz and 30 min. of gymnastics, but this is also on Wednesdays and I have teacher meetings and it would be really hard to get there in time without walking out of my meetings- not something I want to do week after week- no class available for BabyGirl's age.

AAGGHH! Maybe we'll just find a new activity???

Saturday, July 26, 2008

If it's not nailed down, monogram it!

I've been told I have a problem... I am a sucker for all things monogrammed. While searching preppy monogrammy blogs, I found this awesome giveaway. Monogram Chick will award one lucky reader with a monogrammed backpack and lunchbox! All you have to do is check out her website at and pick out the style you like. Then leave her a comment on her blog and let her know which one you choose. Also let her know that I sent you and maybe we'll both win!! Happy monogramming!

PS Anyone who knows how to attach one of those cute little "here" links that you click on and there is the blog/site you're referring to, how do I do that??

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's going on

Well, its about time to do some posting, I guess, now that I have this page looking good! Summer is in full swing around here and we are loving it!! Being home is the best part~ no schedule, no bedtime, no worries. Only a little over 3 weeks left for me, so I better enjoy it...

Yesterday and Tuesday was cheer camp for my mini cheerleaders. BigGirl gets to cheer this year and was SO excited to be there learning cheers, stunting, and dancing to Fergalicious with the high school cheerleaders!! She could be pretty good if she would just pay attention better, but that's another long story. BabyGirl got to go with us yesterday and got in on the fun with a little stunt action herself. She will be the one with the talent b/c right now she is the only child of mine who can follow directions. I see an expensive future here...

Bible school is this week. We have a new christian education director who comes up with some pretty out there stuff sometimes. Like this bible school, the whole family is "encouraged to participate together". Well, I'm all about some family time, but we get plenty of it being together all day every day during the summer. Does it sound like too much to ask that I just can drop them off and not feel guilty about it? We have achieved just that each night so far, but I have a feeling tonight will be the night I somehow get roped into staying and "participating". Is it too much to ask that B and I get one week during the year where we can have adult conversation during dinner without any screaming or scrambling going on?? We did go to the El Corona last night after sneaking out the bible school back door and I may or may not have had a NICE margarita sans children. Don't get me wrong, I truly love my children. On the other hand, I have done my time on the bible school committee and I'd like to be able to opt out this year, take a break, have some quiet time, etc... But, I'm just saying...