Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little late

For some reason, I have had 9/11 on the brain this week. Maybe it was the debates the other night?

In any case, I remember where I was when I heard the news very well. I was teaching 5th grade Reading when the principal walked in and told us what had happened. Talk about a teachable moment. We got out the globe, talked about terrorism ( a little ) and tried not to speculate too much. What I remember most is the looks on the children's faces. They were 10, so they were old enough to be afraid, but not mature enough to understand. A teacher friend's daughter, Kylie was sitting in the middle seat, front row, and she told me a few weeks ago that she always thinks of the LOOK she and I exchanged when she remembers 9/11. I totally agree with her, it's something I will never forget.

Where were you?


ms. mindless said...

asleep in my bedroom in the sorority house, sophomore year of college. my roommate tried to wake me up and i refused to wake up, she finally physically pulled me out of the bed to watch the news. my stepdad was working as a consultant at the pentagon at the time, and my mom and i couldn't reach him. it was a morning filled with fear. we finally got through to him in the afternoon. he never made it to work because he was late and got stuck in typical dc traffic.

it was a day i could never forget both personally and as an american.

Amy W said...

I was at work in DC...then I had to find out if my Dad who was working at the Pentagon was okay.