Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm really not a slacker...

I've just got a lot going on!! I think about posting a lot more than I do the posting... I want to do better, really I do.

You know you live in small town North Carolina when a high school football game is your idea of Friday night fun! It was homecoming for the high school that my students feed into and where the girls will probably end up attending. Note that this is a rival school of where B and I went. Several of my former students were on homecoming court (including Kylie from 9/11), so we went to give support. BigG's friend C and his little sister H were also the crown bearers, so we had to see that! It was too cute.

After BigG's football game Saturday morning (great picture coming soon) we went to Raleigh to help give a cookout/shower for a great childhood friend who is FINALLY getting married. He is the one we thought would never do it. Or he might be 40 by the time he found the perfect girl. Yes, he is a little bit picky. Maybe I should call him particular, but I guess that is a positive quality b/c he has finally found a great wife to be. We had to celebrate!

The fam and I stayed with theRups and had a great time! Camping out on the playroom floor with R's GIANT fish pillows was the highlight for the girls- I'll attach the picture later. On the way home Sunday we stopped at SuperTarget (AKA heaven) and picked up a GPS for the car. Supposedly, you just hook it up and go. For us, notsomuch. It could not find a satellite so it had no idea where our current location was. Not gonna be able to get us to the house 2 hours away if you don't know where the current location is! We went back to our local Tar-gay last night and exchanged it for a smarter system that does know where we are and works like a charm! I can't wait to tell it to find a Starbucks!

We also stopped off in Durham to say hi to my "little" (read 10 years younger but 4 inches taller) cousin E. She was my maid of honor and might as well be my little sister. She graduated in June from Wake Forest and is now working for the Durham convention and visitor's bureau. She loves her important new job and her cute batchelorette pad!

Yesterday was B's dad's birthday, so we took him here for dinner. Food was good, but not worth the $75 bill for my family of 4. Merlot was the best part in my opinion!

This week we have meetings today in the afternoon and evening for me along with another family birthday, after school meeting and gymnastics tomorrow, BigG dr. appointment Thursday after school, and a wedding weekend Friday and Saturday. More on that excitement later!


Our Moments said...

Wow, you ARE busy!! :)

I'm so happy for T!! I never thought it would happen, but it did. Good for him!! I saw photos on TheRups blog. He looks very happy.

I LOVE my nav system... once you start relying on it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Reynie said...

Lordy woman, you have been busy! Hope your hubs enjoyed his b-day dinner!