Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is October 28

It is October 28. Our contract with our realtor runs out today. Our house has been on the market for exactly 6 months and we have probably only had about that many showings. We had 2 open houses that we asked the realtor to arrange. The last one was in August and she has not mentioned having another one. The questions we are pondering at this point: Change realtors? Take it off the market until spring?

It is October 28. This morning as I was opening doors for the car riders at school I wore a scarf, my warmest playground-ready coat, gloves, and my hood was up because of the wind. It was 31 degrees!! I live in North Carolina! It is October 28, not January!!


Our Moments said...

Yes, today was quite chilly!

I vote for taking the house off the market. That way you can enjoy your holidays. The market dies down this time of year anyway and with the economy being like it is, I'm sure it will be dreadfully slow. :(

Amy W said...

I don't know the whole story on the house, but I will say this being married to a realtor - open houses do not sell houses. Open houses are really just for the realtors to get more clients.

This time of year is really hard to sell with holidays and such. If you are happy with your realtor and the marketing she has done, then stick with her. If not, interview some more to see if they better fit your style.

I know, I really didn't answer your question...

Nap Mom said...

Found you from mindless musings' website. I gree with amy w. My whole family is in real estate and this is most likely NOT your realtor's fault. Houses just aren't selling. Trust me, your realtor wants to sell your house just as much as you do, if not more. Open houses aren't going to sell your house, especially since everyone can view it online anyways.

Hang in there!

Lisa said...

That is really chilly for NC! We used to live in Hickory, and I miss the winters there so much! Today in Iowa though it's over 70 degrees and sunny without a cloud in the sky - no complaints!

As for the house - I would take it off if you're not in a rush, or change realtors. I know the market is down, but 6 showings is pretty weak!