Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In the circle

This is BabyGirl's new thing. Don't ask me how she came up with this, but she is my sense of humor child for sure. The last few nights when I'm tucking her in, she'll say "Get in my circle!" Apparently her "circle" is her teeny tiny little arms choking my neck in a bear hug! So far she has only done this to me, but DaddyB is going to ask for the "circle" tonight. I think he's a little jealous...

In other news, I survived weekend #1 as a single parent. B went to a bachelor weekend at the beach for one of his old fraternity brothers who is getting married next month. BigGirl was VERY upset that he was away, and accordingly acted pretty obnoxious most of the weekend. We had fall festival at school all day Saturday, of which she was voted Princess from her class. This meant she had to dress up and be introduced on stage for all to see. Of course, she chose that day to pitch a holy terror fit about the dress she wanted to wear. It was a hand me down from some friends and something I would NEVER buy (read: UGLY blue crepe-y material with blue flowers and a zipper that would not stay zipped), but of course that was all she wanted to wear. I had a very cute, very stylie brown dress with pink ribbon tie in the front that WOULD have been much better but she was not having any of that. So we compromised. I said she could wear her heinous dress for the five minutes she was on stage and then immediately march herself to my classroom to change into her jeans. OR, she could wear my pick with her really cute matching brown and pink sandals all day and be a princess ALL DAY. Of course, she went with her choice, and yes, changed clothes immediately, and no, I will not be posting a picture of her in that dress!! That was just a build up to the struggles of the rest of the weekend, so we were all glad when DaddyB got home Sunday night and could be our mediator!

Next weekend, he is off to Raleigh for bachelor weekend #2... his bff from childhood, the last of our high school friends is getting married in November. He knows he owes me BIG TIME. I see some shopping in my future.

At least I'm still in BabyG's circle.


CarolinaGirl said...

Baby G's circle, that is so sweet. You need to video her saying that so you never ever forget how it sounds. Too sweet!

Reynie said...

That's so sweet--in my circle! And yes, girl, you got some shopping to do when that man gets home from all these parties!