Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturdays are SUPPOSED to be easy

Here's a recap of my day today:

8:30- awakened by someone small coughing in my face as she stared over the edge of the bed at me. Got up, showered, dressed, and out the door.

10:15- arrived at birthday party (15 min late, we're never on time anywhere) which was 30 min. from our house. Cute Speedracer party where the kids decorated "racecars" (boxes) to race later, raced matchbox cars on a PVC pipe track, and decorated mini car cakes. B went to the UPS place during party to mail our video camera to Sony for repairs, but did not make it to Old Navy to pick up a hoodie for me to get embroidered with team logo (I did ask nicely).

11:45- left the party and headed home (5 min. behind schedule).

12:15- arrived home, grabbed cheer stuff, left for football game. BigG went with me, BabyG stayed home w/ DaddyB to nap.

12:35- arrived at game (5 min late), practiced stunts, held sign for players to run through, coached my cheerleaders and yelled really loud but our team still lost 31-8 (hey, this week they actually scored- whoo hoo!).

2:30- watched a really mad mom yell bad words at football coach and tried to sneak away before getting caught up in the parent gossip (not good when you have to teach their kids on Monday).

3:15- arrived home, cheered really loud for NC State's win in OT over East Carolina (!!!), picked up crazy amounts of STUFF sitting everywhere in the house, did 2 loads of laundry (1 more to go), made cute decorated jars to collect "donations" for BigG's Fall Festival Princess contest -she was voted Princess for her class- if you collect the most $, you become the school-wide Princess.

Now- reading all of your updates, listening to BigG getting mad at her new Wii game, and getting ready to go eat and pick up a movie. Still need to find that hoodie before Monday... No, I am NOT cooking tonight! It's Saturday you know...


Our Moments said...

GO PACK!!! Was that game not awesome?? :)

Your Saturday sounds as hectic as mine was... what happened to the Saturdays where we could just rest?

Reynie said...

Wow--seriously busy woman! I love the cheerleading stories. Reminds me of when I was young. I was on the greenbay packers team. I'm sure your little ones have a blast with that!

Our Moments said...

I was hoping you would comment on my recent blog entry. I would love to chat with you on your opinions, but I don't have your email.

Can you email me? (replace myfirstname and mylastname with the real names)