Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slumber party hangover

Who doesn't remember the major drama of sleepovers? S had a big night last night- she went to a birthday party for one of her best little friends. They had makeovers at Libby Lu, dinner at Longhorn, and spent the night at the birthday girl's house. I was a little worried about possible girl drama and here's why. There were only 5 girls total and S gets along great with all but 1 of them. The 1 that is a bit of a problem (I'll call her Drama Girl) plays with S all the time- her mom is also a teacher at our school so the 2 of them hang out in the afternoons while waiting to go home. They want to play together every day but end up not being able to get along. They have been in the same class for the last 2 years and are "friends" but they fuss and fight like crazy. All week this week S has been telling me that Drama Girl has been mean to her on the playground, saying "you can't play with me, I'm not your friend..."

My mom's advice to me about these things was always to Kill Them With Kindness, so I keep telling S to just make sure she is always the nicest person in the room. She usually has no problem getting along, so I know that Drama Girl is probably the source of most of the problems- it's mostly the "you're not my friend, are you my friend" crap- S is just not into that stuff yet. Last night was apparently no exception. Birthday girl's mom had to separate S and Drama Girl at bedtime b/c Drama Girl kept whining, complaining, and being difficult, while S and the others were doing great. They were up past midnight so I have a cranky girl who will be going to bed early. I just can't believe that it is starting this early- I know there was no drama like this in my life at age 6 1/2~ I think we were at least 9 or 10!


Our Moments said...

Ah... girl drama!!

Yea, 6 1/2 is a little early, but they are doing everything earlier than we did. I remember my first girl drama was in the 4th grade... so, that would make me about 9 too. I'm so not ready for girl drama...

Preppy In The City said...

It starts earlier and earlier. Good luck, seems like it is only the beginning for you.