Friday, January 9, 2009

Hooked on Fridays: mindless TV

Before you read this, let me explain that I really am an intelligent person.

Now, let me explain what I am hooked on: mindless reality TV.

I'm not sure exactly why I so love the Real Housewives, the Girls Next Door, and the like. Maybe I would like to experience some of their private jets and huge bling? Maybe not. I really do like my life most of the time.

One of my new favorites this week is the Bachelor. Jason was my choice from last season on the Bachelorette and think it is ridiculous that they let DeAnna come back this season- she made her bed and now she should have to lay in it!!! Right now I would love for him to choose Melissa (loved her on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team) or Stephanie (mature single mom). I also watched True Beauty, which came on after the Bachelor Monday night. This was mindless-ness at its finest. 10 people who think they are the most beautiful people on the planet all wanting to win a spot in People magazine's Most Beautiful issue. They are actually being judged on their inner beauty. Yeah, right.

I know I should expand my mind and watch more CSI or CNN. I do watch Grey's Anatomy, so maybe the medical terms could count as educational? I spend all day involved in education so when I have time to actually sit and watch something on TV I do not want to be stressed out while watching!!

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