Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here's what is going on this week:

~ I could NOT sleep Sunday night but the first day back yesterday was not bad. Just getting up and getting there on time was the biggest challenge.

~ S is sick today with a sore throat, so we are home today and going to the dr. in a little while for a strep test. Yuck. Just when I had trained my brain to the idea of working again...

~ R was very clingy last night. I think she missed me yesterday :)

~ B has been working super hard in our house. He has painted the kitchen and the girls' hallway, hung a new light over the kitchen table, and moved furniture in the bedroom. The contractor is coming this week to start working on our bed/bath transformation. NOT looking forward to the dust and mess.

~ It is raining and 40 degrees today. Why could it not be just 8 degrees lower? Snow days are so much more fun than sick days.

~ I am in love with my new Wii Fit. It really really works. I'm convinced that I will have killer abs by summer if I just keep at it...

More later!


The Golf Widow said...

I need a snow day too! Killer abs would work also. It's always tuff getting the mornings started in the new year!

Reynie said...

I wish it would snow here, too. Hope everyone gets to feeling better.