Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged for this on Facebook, so thought I would post 25 random things about me here...

1. I plan to go to bed at 10 every night but really don't get there until 11. I am tired a lot!

2. I hit the snooze button at least 4 times every morning before getting up at 5:47.

3. I am always late and I know this is not a good thing. I *think* about being on time but it never happens. I *should* get up at 5:37.

4. I went to the grocery store earlier for baby wipes, wine, and ice cream. Important stuff.

5. I am still friends with the people I went to preschool with!

6. I have uncooperative hair.

7. I love reality tv. I do not like stressful tv shows like B watches (24, CSI, PrisonBreak). I prefer crap like Girls Next Door, Real Housewives, The Bachelor, etc.

8. I love to look at houses and house plans. I used to want to be an architect, but I am not artistic enough. I would like to be a real estate agent or senator (to fix education) when I grow up.

9. I am really good at getting children to behave, all except for my own!

10. I really like my car (Pacifica)!

11. I have a serious addiction to caffeine- coffee and Coke Zero are almost all I drink. I can drink it at bedtime and still sleep like a log.

12. I LOVE to travel, except for the packing. My favorite place in the world is Washington, DC.

13. My family eats at El Corona about once a week. The waiters know our first names, birthdays, and we get automatic drinks. My children ask for leche instead of milk and cucharra instead of a spoon.

14. I have bunjee jumped twice (at Myrtle Beach senior week) and have ridden in an airplane being flown by my husband.

15. My favorite restaurants are Harper's (at Friendly, not the car wash) and Carmine's.

16. I love little girls with big hair bows. I know this will not last forever so I'm enjoying it now.

17. I had tubes in my ears twice as a child and two c-sections as an adult. The first one was a scary emergency, the second was planned ahead and really easy.

18. I like the beach, but I do not like the sand, salt water, or sunscreen. I prefer pools.

19. I would love to live in a huge city just once, for a while. I would also like to live somewhere REALLY cold and snowy just once. I wouldn't mind living in Florida. Obviously, I am open-minded!

20. I have learned the importance of sunscreen- I had a freckle removed from my lip that was not cancerous, but could have been. Wear sunscreen, people!!!!!

21. I married my best friend.

22. Besides my husband, dad, and brother, my Grandpa is my hero. I married a man who is just like him.

23. I do not like to plan meals. I would rather eat out than make the decision, or clean up instead of cook.

24. I have a shopping problem. I am creating a mini-shop-aholic (R).

25. I do not like to call people on the phone, but I will talk to you all day if you call me!

Your turn.

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The Golf Widow said...

wow 5:45am. The fact that you can do anything during the day is awesome! I would need to go to bed at 5:45pm to start that day!