Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost (a little bit) famous

I received a message the other day via Facebook from a girl who went to my same high school (a few years younger). She works at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History and helped me plan our visit when I went to DC with the 5th grade back in November. The Smithsonian is getting ready to create new promotional materials for the museums (brocures, I guess?) and needs a teacher to be featured with a picture and quote. Guess who they asked to do it? I'm sure none of you will be reading any Smithsonian brocures any time soon, but someone will and there I'll be!

We are looking forward to a fun weekend in the Tiaras house. B's bff from Orlando is coming in tonight with his fabulous wife and their 2 year old boy. They are the ones we stay with every year when we take the girls to Disney and are some of our favorite people. They are honestly just so easy to be around and don't mind at all when my girls pretend to be little Nicolas's moms. I'm sure he will be dressed in poufy skirts, princess heels, and tiaras at some point this weekend. Jeff and B will be stripping up the carpet and putting down hardwoods in our family room while Jodi and I entertain the kids. Did I mention the temps are supposed to be in the low 30s all weekend? We'll be thinking of ways to entertain the kids INDOORS.

Happy (long) weekend!!


Alice said...

That is neat about the brochure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Golf Widow said...

Congrats. Hope you post a copy. Have a good weekend. Good luck with the little ones.