Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scenes from a (sort of) snow day

We had a "dusting" - at least that's what the weather guys called it- of snow here in NC today, and of course school was called off. I was more than happy to stay home and clean up from the floor fiasco of the weekend (more on that later). I guess we'll be back to reality tomorrow...
On another note, I had not been terribly excited in the days leading up to today about watching the inauguration, just because I did not think I would be able to while teaching other teachers' classes. So the snow day also gave me a chance to sit down and watch a little history with my girls. B is a total republican and still a little bitter about McCain losing, so he was avoiding watching at all costs, but I think I (who should probably be registered as an independent) made a very valid point when I said to him, Today is a huge day no matter who you voted for- that doesn't really matter anymore. As they say in High School Musical, we're all in this together.

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The Golf Widow said...

They look like they had fun. Mine loved it. My little one thought it was icecream.