Monday, August 4, 2008

Lookie what I got!!

Happy Monday! Just a quick post ~ B and I are about to watch Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay! We've just finished a great fun filled weekend over here, which I will post about later... I'll just say there was lots of good friends, good times, and good wine!! :)

I'm pretty new to the bloggy world, but I know enough to get excited about receiving a blogger award and I was so proud to read that Reynie has awarded me the Colors of Friendship award!! She has the cutest blog over at Southern Girl Rambling~ check her out! Thanks, Reynie! That made my day!!

**THANKS, MonogramChick, for the uploading help! I am figuring this blogging out, slowly but surely :)

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Monogramchick said...

1. Simply go to her site.
2. Right click on the photo and hit "save picture as" and save it to your computer.
3. Edit your post and at the top of the edit box there is an icon that looks like a picture. Click it.
4. A dialog box will open and direct you to add a photo. Hit browse and add the photo.
5. Once it is added click "Upload"
and then another box will pop up with the picture in it. Click Done at the bottom of this box.
6. You did it!
I am sure that was clear as mud, but maybe it'll help :)