Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy weekend!!!

Week 1 is over, and so far, so good!

BigGirl LOVES her teacher and everyday has said that school is great. This is a huge improvement over her attitude toward school last year. She had a wonderful kindergarten teacher, but it was just not the same. Being a teacher here, I can pretty much choose her teacher, so I'm thinking we made a good decision... I'm just happy she's happy!

BabyGirl has been missing us a lot, and showing out because of it, I think. She is usually the easy one, but has been a PAIN this week. I think she misses having sister around to argue with during the day and has a whole day's worth of arguing to get out in the 4 hours they have together between school and bedtime. That is not fun for Mommy, let me tell ya...

I did not teach any classes this week, but if anybody walking past my classroom thought I was not busy, they can think again! I did not even eat lunch today until almost 1pm and most days barely even sat down long enough to check my email before lunch. On top of getting multiple pieces of paperwork sent home for 55+ kids in my 4th/5th grade gifted program, and planning lessons for 1st - 5th grade, cheerleading uniforms came in on Tuesday. So I was sorting, inventory-ing, sending home, and re-ordering uniforms for 45 girls!! Note to any of my cheer parents who may or may not be reading~ PLEASE listen to the coach who says to MEASURE your child before you pick a uniform size to avoid someone, that would be me- the coach, having to re-order a uniform for you because you did not measure your child!!! I had to put all the reorders on my credit card and Banker B might be calling your house come credit card statement time!

Ready for a weekend, can you tell??? I'm so glad it's a long one, I need it! I don't know about you, but I could really go for 4 10-hour days of work each week if it meant every weekend was a 3-day!!! Think of all the gas we'd save not running the school busses on the 5th day, heating/cooling bills for the schools, cafeteria costs, etc... Maybe I'll suggest that when I become a senator one day, but that's another post!!

Have a great weekend!

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Alice said...

Glad you survived! When I worked in Bridal, I just changed all the sizes to what people SHOULD have ordered and cut the tag out before I gave them their gown 2 sizes larger than what they THOUGHT that they needed. Worked out well!