Sunday, August 10, 2008

Open house?

So, our house has been for sale since the first of May (we want to move closer to mine and BigGirl's awesome school) and we have had a total of ONE showings since then. Today we held our second Open House and had our FIRST bit of OH traffic (no warm bodies at the first OH). Our realtor is young and new, but really enthusiastic (or so they say) about listing our house, but I'm beginning to think I might could do a better job with my elementary ed. degree/zero real estate experience. Last OH she put the signs out the day before~ this time we asked her to put them out earlier and she did it 2 days before. We have a busy road nearby, which could pick up lots of traffic. Wouldn't you think more people would see the sign if it were out more days in advance? I also asked her to please look into getting us on the MLS Listingbook website and she said she would check into it. Wouldn't you think she would come up with that herself? Our house is the only one she has listed and I don't think she makes any $$ until she sells it, so looks like time to get busy here! She did say that we had *a few* people stop by today, but she wasn't sure how serious they were. Wouldn't that be the realtor's job to figure out if they were serious buyers and somehow make them want to be? I know that is not realistic, but we're ready to get going here! I've always said I wanted to go into real estate when I quit teaching... For sale by owner, maybe??

On a different note, only one more week of summer, better enjoy it while it lasts :( No more no bedtime, no get up time, pool anytime, eat anytime, nap anytime, tv anytime, etc..... I'm sad already :(


Happy Working Mom said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

I would totally switch realtors! We sold our house almost tow years ago and switched in the middle of the listing. We had no idea how much of an idiot our first realtor was until we saw nothing happening. Then we got smart and started interviewing realtors and found one that was awesome! She had tons of traffic coming through and our house sold in less than a month! Good luck to you!

Angela said...

I have never sold a house, but it sounds like you might want to switch to someone else?

I miss our summer already - we are beginning the second week of school now and I am so sleepy!

Reynie said...

ugh, realtors drive me nuts! Absolutely find a new one! Sounds like she doesn't know what she's doing. And it can't hurt to do for sale by owner. Doesn't sound like it will be any worse. Make sure to check your contract with her though.

CarolinaGirl said...

Our house was on the market in NC for 8 months, we changed realtors and the new girl rented it out in 3 days! We are very happy because we really did not want to sell, just get out of paying 2 morgages like we have been doing for almost a year. With this market, you really need a go-getter! Good luck!