Wednesday, August 6, 2008

She DOES listen!!

It's no secret around here that BigGirl has a serious issue with listening and following directions. At school, she is super smart, but very inattentive at times, and often does not get her work done because she is too busy paying attention to what all is going on around her. We are actually going to talk to the pediatrician when she has her checkup next week about attention management options for this school year. A lot of days, it seems like most of what I say to her goes in one ear and out the other... BabyGirl, so far does not show any of this, thank goodness!

So, imagine my surprise today, when after a long ride in the car with the girls talking and giggling in the back seat, we pull up to the gymnastics gym. My non listenting child jumps out of the car, hits a pose in the middle of the parking lot, and starts this booty shakin, hips swayin dance, while singing "Girl how you shake it, got a playa like WHOO" at the top of her lungs (the name of this song is Sexy Can I, if you needed help- not exactly 6-year old appropriate- bad mommy). I had no idea she was even listening to what was on the radio b/c she was so busy playing mommy in the backseat. So there we have it, proof that her ears DO work!


Angela said...

Oh I so love this post! It is so funny what they do listen to, and what they will come up with when you least expect it... My daughter is always trying to get her brother to say "Yes Mam" or "No Mam" to her when she is playing Mommy, but claims she doesn't remember me telling her to use her manners! The other day she started singing "Who let the dogs out?" when we took the puppies outside, and I nearly fell off the porch from laughing... I have no idea where that came from as I don't listen to it, but there is just no telling.

Reynie said...

I can only imagine the things my future children will say. I am already trying to curve my language but it is so, so hard!