Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cleaning Lady

I have a really great husband who is helpful, supportive, hard working, and also pretty hot! So imagine my diappointment today when I observed him laying on the bed watching College GameDay while the cleaning lady vacuumed the entire house with no help. And did I mention that our cleaning lady moved to SC and we have not bothered to replace her yet, so that cleaning lady now would be me!!! I HATE to clean, so vacuuming the whole house (and our house is not that huge) is like torture to me. After a couple of dirty looks, he just smiled and went to clean the potties... Did I mention I love him??


Reynie said...

That's too funny! I always say I'm going to get a cleaning lady. It just hasn't happened yet. Bummer. Cleaning potties is worse than vacuming.

Angela said...

He cleaned the potty?! Wow!