Thursday, April 1, 2010

I spy with my little eye...


We have been loving our week off! We hung out at home on Monday and Tuesday, bought Easter dresses on ebay, played with friends, took naps, and just rested. We stayed up late and slept late. Did you know that a 4 year old can sleep until 9:40am and a 7 year old can sleep until 9:55am? Of course mommy gets up a little earlier than the girls, around 9:15-ish :) Wednesday and Thursday were our shopping days. The weather was sunny and 80+ degrees... perfect!!!

The girls @ Friendly taking advantage of the gorgeous weather...

They picked out their own outfits today and were super excited to break out the flip flops :)

We all really need a tan!!!

We have a standing tradition of lunch at Cafe Carolina with Kristen, one of my bff's since preschool, whenever we are in GBO during a school break!

The pollen is kicking mine and Riley's booties right now... we both have nasty red eyes and she's been working the inhaler daily. And while I love, love, LOVE being home with my girls, it almost feels like spring break is nothing but a big old tease. Monday morning will be right back to reality with alarm clock at 5am, and it's such a LOOOONG time until school gets out on June 15... we will SO enjoy our 3 more mornings of sleeping late!!

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