Monday, March 29, 2010

Tea for 12!!

A couple of weeks ago, R went to a birthday tea party for one of her best little friends, Savannah. The party was here and she had a fabulous time!! All the little girls played dress up, had an ettiquette lesson, listened to a teapot story, and enjoyed their tea (pink lemonade)! They had sandwiches and of course teapot cupcakes. It was the cutest and girliest party ever!!

R with her friends Aspen & Gracie


Such a little lady!
Does it get any cuter than this??
Bubbles were in the goody bags!
Now that party season is here, we are working on the party plans for S and R's bdays. We start early... their birthdays aren't until July!! R wants a Pink Paris Diva Day (nails, hair, tutu skirts, and Eiffel Towers). S can't decide between a nail/cupcake outing, a pottery painting party, or a slumber party. I'm trying to talk her out of the slumber party... At least we have plenty of time to decide!!

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Reynie said...

So cute! Seriously, why wasn't there stuff like that when I was a kid? Would have loved it!