Saturday, March 6, 2010

Think Pink

We have had a crazy week!! Everyone has been sick with assorted germs- B had a sinus infection, both girls have been congested, I had the stomach virus. Both girls have had mini versions of the stomach bug and B has passed his sinus mess to me now. YUCK!! We need warm weather so we can go outside and get some fresh air! Thank goodness temps are supposed to be in the 60's in a few days!!!

Added to all the germs, I had a scary dr. visit last week as well. At my annual ob/gyn appt, I pointed out a tender lumpy area near my armpit. Dr. did not like the way it was different from the other side and scheduled me for a mammogram/ultrasound. I went on Tuesday to have it checked out and thankfully, everything was fine! Hormonal changes are most likely the culprit, but it was scary to think about what it could have been. I'm super glad that the radiologist said I don't have to go back for another m-gram for 7 more years- it was NOT fun!!! On the positive side, at least it's nice to know that everything in there is how it's supposed to be :)

The girls have been hilarious as usual. At children's church last week, S had to draw pictures of something that made her happy and something that made her sad. Her "sad" picture was of me telling her to make her bed, which is funny b/c she never complains about making her bed b/c she earns quarters for doing it!! Her "happy" picture was of her sitting on the couch beside God watching Little Miss Perfect. I'm not so sure God watches LMP, but apparently she thinks so!!

R is having picture day at preschool this week, so she had to try on some dresses this a.m. and have a fashion show...

We decided to go with the silver sweater dress. She is all kinds of cute in it!!

Finally, here's our newest addition- Flipperz the Second...

Happy Weekend!!!!

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