Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home Tour part 1

I thought I'd start the tour in my favorite rooms- the girls! This is not where you would go first when you enter the house, but it is the most fun area by far.

Today it's BigGirl's room. The color is Disney TinkerBell. She picked it out herself at age 3. It was excessively bright at first but it has grown on me.

She is still into the princesses, but I was NOT the one who hung those posters or princess prints in her room. DaddyB does not understand my rules of decorating. Alice knows I have a problem with licensed characters- the only clothes with Dora or the like that you will see my children wear are NOT bought by me or approved by me for wearing. You will NEVER see Disney or Nickelodeon bedding in my house. I'm such a mean mommy! I've considered staging a midnight raid to remove the princesses.

Here's her desk, but she does not do homework there. It is more like a stuff holder.

DaddyB made the toy box for her. However there are still toys EVERYWHERE. We need to clean house in here to make room for Christmas.

I know we will never find rooms this big in a new house.

Lots of tea parties and CandyLand at this table. Notice the massive doll house on the right. Another reason we need more space!!!

We'll go next door to BabyGirl's room tomorrow!

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Reynie said...

What a great sized room! i love the pink and green colors. They are very girly and fun! Can't wait to see more!