Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our New House!

We have had a very busy spring around here! We have been contemplating the pros and cons of building a new house vs. buying, and have really been pondering the options for over a year. We are so lucky to have land from B's family that we can build on if we want it. This winter, we got pretty serious about looking at house plans and had even discussed clearing our land and slowly starting the building process.

But, all that has changed! In early March, we stumbled upon the PERFECT house... in a fabulous neighborhood, in our school district, at the end of a great cul-de-sac, with a fantastic FLAT yard, with plenty of room for us now and room to grow in the future. So needless to say, we quickly put in an offer and were ecstatic that it was accepted (after a couple of rounds of countering)!! Thankfully, we already had a buyer lined up for our house, and the best part is that we can stay here in our old house until school is out in June and we don't have to move during the crazy busy end of the school year!

We are slowly trying to de-clutter and I'm having a great time looking at fabrics and making decorating decisions. The girls are thrilled that the new house has "stairs"! I'm excited about the fabulous kitchen (I might actually decide to enjoy cooking something) and the great open spaces for entertaining. B can't wait to get in the huge yard and "play" with all the guys in the neighborhood. He's already been recruited for a volleyball team and a Texas Hold Em group. HA!

We are all a little sad to think about leaving this house... both girls came home from the hospital here and we are so fortunate to be able to see both Grammy's and Nana's houses from our street. But, the new house is only 15 minutes away and we are so excited about the new memories we will make in it!!

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