Monday, December 8, 2008


My lip is almost all better, thank goodness!! I really don't like not being able to wear my Burt's Bees lip shine.

Our Polar Express party Friday was fun for all involved, minis and their parents. We had about 10 minis and 7 adults. The kids sat still for about the first 15 minutes of the movie, then scattered to drag out every toy they could find and trash my girls' rooms! We brought them back for cookie decorating and hot chocolate, and later made them watch the last 15 or so minutes so they would understand the bell part. If you have not seen the Polar Express, Santa gives a bell to the little boy at the end of the movie. Only those who truly believe can hear it ring. Of course, he finally hears it at the end. I had a little red box for each child with their name on it and a bell inside. They were so cute at the end when they opened their boxes, rang their bells, and all shouted, "I hear it!!!" We will definitely do the party again next year, but we are thinking about changing our movie each year. Any suggestions for what to show next? My camera battery is dead tonight, so I'll post pics tomorrow.

I was tagged by Stephanie for this meme. I love Christmas and love to talk about myself, so of course I had to play along...

1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie? it's a tie: White Christmas and Home Alone- we watch both all year round at our house.

2. Favorite Christmas Song? White Christmas, because I've always dreamed of one and never gotten it :(

3. Favorite Holiday Memory? Christmas Eve service at Grandma's church when I was 7 or 8 and my little brother was 1 or 2- we were sitting in the front row and he threw his Pound Puppy INTO the christmas tree.

4. What kind of cookie/treat do you like to make? funfetti cookies

5. Have you ever made an igloo? No…I live in North Carolina.

6. Do you love Starbucks? LOVE.

7. What makes the perfect Snowman? Well, probably snow, but I wouldn't really know.

8. Best gift you have ever received? Barbie house and a boom box.

9. What is the snowman's name on Rudolph? Ok, I am so going to copy Reynie’s answer…Sam.

10.Silver or Gold? Silver

11. What is your favorite Christmas decoration? Lights on houses

12. What's your Christmas decorating style? I try to use only the cutest of the mix matched gifts from students past. I rarely have to buy my own decorations.

13. Do you hang stockings? Yes, four of them, personalized.

14. How many days do you celebrate Christmas? Usually from the week after Thanksgiving to New Year's.

15. What was your favorite ornament on the tree as a child? the not at all tacky (I promise) sparkly sliver disco ball that twirled. I also remember trying to lick the dough ornaments (gross) so I must have liked those a lot.

16. Where will you be spending this Christmas? at home as much as possible!

17. What was your favorite holiday tradition as a child? Christmas Eve- after church we would ride all over town looking at the lights and decorations, and then watching the Santa Tracker on tv. I would hide in the backseat floorboard b/c I was afraid Santa would know that I was still awake!

18. What's your favorite Christmas food? Grandma's cheese grits

19. Do you like colored lights or white lights on your Christmas tree? white.

My question: How many Christmases do you celebrate each year? Usually we have 2 on Christmas Eve and 2 on Christmas Day- this year we're working on narrowing it down to just 1 on the 24th and 2 on the 25th.

And I'll pass it on to these unsuspecting fellow bloggers…

If you've already done this one, I apologize!!
Have fun!


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Stephanie said...

YOu might want to change my link. It is going somewhere eles.
Thanks for playing!

Our Moments said...

thanks for the tag! :)

One day soon, I'll be able to get my head above water at work and blog a bit! :) Crazy times these days...

Anyway, to answer your ? about the site tracker thing... I use statcounter at They have instructions on how to place it on your blog... It's very easy and I'll help you if you need it.