Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day & a funeral

We had a LOVE-ly Valentine's weekend full of family and friends!! Here's R on her way to preschool for her V-day party Thursday...

Friday night we ate dinner at my grandparents with the whole family. Valentine's day is my Grandpa's favorite holiday, so we always have Togetherness (his word for family time). On Saturday, B and I went to a wine tasting at the country club and had a GREAT time!! Lots of great food, wine, beer, and friends! The girls stayed with Nana during the afternoon and also spent the night, so we had dinner out and stood in line for 30 min. for some HOT NOW Krispy Kreme doughnuts... so yummy and so nice to have over 18 hours of quiet!!
We stayed home Sunday and were lazy, which was perfectly fine with all of us. As you can see, some of us had fun being lazy...

You'd laugh if your sister wore her Valentine gift bag for a hat at the dinner table!!

I bet this breakfast for dinner would make you smile with it's pink heart pancakes and pink milk... We LOVE pink!!!

After our LOVE-ly weekend, we had a sad Monday... we came home to find a lifeless fish :(
We were not surprised by this news. The fish had not eaten in days and had been lying around on the rocks at the bottom of the bowl. S handled it well, but drama queen R put on a show worthy of an Oscar! She needs to be on Broadway some day, the girl can cry, wail, moan, etc. on command. We gave Flippers a proper burial at sea and the girls drew pictures of him. I did not take a picture of the dead fish (you're welcome!), but here's one of the girls admiring him back when he was healthy...

We are hoping for a sunnier day tomorrow!!!

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