Friday, January 8, 2010

Why I run...

I've been so good lately, trying to go out and run at least 3 times a week. So far I'm up to about a mile and a half. When I went out my door the other day in the windy, 30 degrees, I had to ask myself why I am doing this??? It didn't take more than about a block for me to remember why I run...

the quiet! I don't listen to anything but the cars and the trees and I love it!! Alone time is SO important!

the satisfaction! I know that this is something that I can do, but it just takes getting out there and actually doing it.

my health! I've never worried about myself until this past year. Lots of little health things have made me realize that I have to work on this. I've always just focused on taking care of everyone else. I'm realizing that I do a much better job at taking care of everyone else when I've taken care of myself first!

Fitting into skinny jeans is also motivating, along with knowing that pool season is just not that far away... :)

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